It’s my graduation today!

It’s my graduation today!. I’m so happy that my step mom and father is in my school to attend my graduation. We had celebration for today. What’s fun today is that I received money..yeah!. My cousin gave me and so as my father. I’m so excited for my school this coming June. I’m not going to stay anymore in public that now I am an high school student. I’ll be in the same school of my cousin.

Let me just say this..I’M SO PROUD OF MYSELF!!

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Diary of a Wimpy Kid

Diary of a Wimpy Kid

Hi everyone, long time no see.
My cousin bought this book lately and I kind of like it, cause I’ve seen this movie and it’s interesting. This book is actually for the younger age of mine but reading this kind of book is really fun. I’m currently reading this now. Diary of a Wimpy Kid by: Jeff Kinney. Thanks to my cousin for introducing me this book and for the others.

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Random Pictures of Naruto//

Naruto is a kind of character that I cannot explain for the things that I adore of him for he makes me laugh. I admire how COOL!! Sasuke is. Naruto Shippuden and more chapters of Naruto really thrills my bone. I love anime and not only Naruto I admired but also some random anime 🙂

your going to love this anime! I swear. It’s funny, adventurer and stuff that I can not explain. I don’t type much, forgive me. 🙂



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I don’t know if this kind of show catch your attention but I am enjoying watching this show.

This are some random pictures of dwarfina.


That’s all for this day 🙂


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Firework: Katy Perry

I’m impressed on the way Katy Perry sing and spark some firework…

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My FIRST book ever!!

“What if, What if……”

Hi I’m Angelah Gica- of course you know me. It’s my first time to have my own book. It’s a Christmas present from my aunt and I’m really so excited and I love it.

It was about Olivia’s first sleep over at the house of her friend named Chin-chin. Chin-chin is an adopted child and she has two brothers who is so rude and bad to her. Olivia always thinks negative and always saying “what if…what if…what if….”. but she don’t want to disappoint her friend to deny going to a sleep over.

I was a bit scared when Chin-chin and Olivia played in stove and the mother of Chin-chin scolded them and told them that they should not play with it. I feel anger to those two brothers of Chin-chin because on the table eating their meal. The ketchup was stuck and when Olivia tried to Push it… the ketchup was wasted and there is only a little amount of ketchup left. Then the two brothers said something bad about her. I feel bad about it.

I love the story. and there are more ….
I’m still in chapter 10-the last chapter

I’m so excited to make a review for this so I made and I’ve never post any until now….

thanks 🙂

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Books I have read

I have read this one and It’a kindda funny…




This one is my FAVORITE!





and this one is the CUTEST story…








thanks BLOGGERS!!

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